Wake Student Wins at Conservation Camp

The good ol’ summer time is time for conservation camp!

Over 85 high school students from across the state spent a week at the 2012
Resource Conservation Workshop (RCW) at NCSU. The teens spent considerable
time in the field learning about natural resources management. College
professors and natural resource professionals introduced a multitude of
conservation concepts and innovative methods used in the real world.

At the end of the week-long seminar, a culmination exam tested the
knowledge students acquired while also providing them an opportunity to win
cash awards and college scholarships.

Wake County’s Prakhar Naithani from Enloe High School in Raleigh, won $100
for a 3rd Place finish. Prakhar was awarded a full scholarship to attend
the RCW by his local Wake Soil and Water Conservation District. Prakhar is
a member of Enloe High’s state champion Envirothon team, Sub-Chronic

"RCW was great! I learned a lot that will enable me to help my team at the
2012 North American Canon Envirothon in July," said Prakhar. "This
experience has expanded my horizons and will help me decide my college
major and future profession. I’m grateful to the Wake District for giving
me the chance to go to conservation camp!"