Helping Protect the Natural Resources of Wake County, NC

5th grade poster contest on…..Stormwater !

to enter your 5th graders in the Wake Soil & Water Conservation District 2013 Conservation Poster Contest!

This year’s theme is “Water Cycle: The Cycle of Life”. The focus is on stormwater runoff and the innovative ways people are better managing stormwater and preventing water pollution.

This correlates with Essential Science Standard 5.P.2.1 – Water Cycle and Art 5.V.2 – Creative Expression.

Teachers who register their class receive a Water Cycle Study Guide and Rubric that provides background information and helpful tips for creating winning posters.

Deadline to submit posters is Friday, Nov. 2, 2012. We’ll pick them up for you!

See contest flyer, rules, and entry form below. Submit an entry form as soon as possible to receive your study guide.

Please enter! Your students will have fun learning their science and creating their art.

The prizes and public recognition are extra benefits!

Poster Promo 2013 urban water cycle.pdf

Poster Info 2013 urban water cycle.pdf

Poster Sign Up 2013 urban water cycle.doc

contest winners: