Nominate a Tree-mendous Tree in Wake County
If you have a majestic tree that graces your land, you are invited to nominate it to be a "Wake County Capital Tree."

The Capital Trees Program recognizes the largest, rarest, oldest and most beautiful trees of various species. Winners receive a plaque at the biannual awards program, as well as a small tag to attach to the tree.

In order for a tree or group of trees in Wake County to be considered for an award, it must be:

  • A species, subspecies, variety or cultivar proven to be relatively long-lived and adapted to our geographic region, and
  • Must be judged by a representative of the Capital Trees Program, to be in such good health and condition to have a reasonable prospect of continuing useful life.

Here’s the link for the nomination form.

The deadline has been extended until March 31, 2013.
All tree nominations welcome!