2014 Careers In Conservation Scholarship

The North Carolina Foundation for Soil and Water Conservation’s Scholarship Program was established to increase the number of qualified people committed to working in the field of natural resource management or other closely related fields that directly support the programs offered by local soil and water conservation districts in North Carolina. Scholarship recipients will be those who are currently pursuing or have firm plans to pursue a college course of study leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in natural resource management or other closely related fields.

Basic Criteria and Stipulations

  • The Foundation plans to award merit based scholarships up to the individual scholarship amount of $5,000 per school year renewable at the discretion of the Scholarship Selection Committee. Subsequent funding awards are contingent upon the successful and timely academic progression carried out by the recipient.
  • The recipient’s declared major should line up with the following courses of study; agronomy, agricultural engineering, animal science, forestry, natural resource conservation or management, plant science, soil science, water management, water quality or other closely related degree programs.
  • To be eligible, the recipient must be a resident of North Carolina, attend a college in North Carolina and have achieved academic excellence in their high school or in their completed undergraduate studies. During the selection process, much consideration will be given to superior academic accomplishments, extracurricular activities, honors and achievements obtained.
  • Applicant eligibility will be influenced by the amount of any other scholarships previously awarded to the individual.
  • Priority will be given to students who have advanced in their undergraduate studies to demonstrate a clear commitment to achieving a Bachelor of Science degree in a course of study consistent with skill sets needed for delivering programs offered through local soil and water conservation districts, associated state and federal agencies and the applicable private sector. Students who have completed at least 50% of their required college degree credit hours will receive additional consideration.
  • Applicants currently enrolled in college are required to submit a current certified transcript of all college courses completed by the date of the application. Transcripts are to be mailed directly from the college to the Foundation office. Applications will not be reviewed until a transcript is received.
  • Interviews will be held with qualifying applicants before a final decision is made by the Scholarship Selection Committee.
  • Prior to awarding the scholarship, the recipient must be classified as a full-time college student. Funds will be deposited with the college’s financial aid office for payment of eligible expenses incurred.
  • Current applications can be downloaded from the Foundation’s website www.ncsoilwater.org