Dear Friends,

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Wake Soil and Water Conservation District, established July 1, 1965. The District has come a long a way since its humble beginning in the 60’s, but its core mission to protect the natural resources of Wake County has not changed. For over 50 years, the District has been supporting local farms and protecting their soil and water resources. Some of the issues farms face, such as soil erosion, gullies, compacted soils, and waste management have not changed in the last 50 years. Other issues, such as securing water resources and stormwater management have brought new challenges.

Thankfully, the committed Soil and Water staff continue to provide innovative ideas and technical expertise to address these problems. District staff are in the field everyday working with landowners to install practices including grassed waterways and livestock exclusion fencing to help protect our water resources. The staff also works daily with landowners on no till farming practices, contour farming, and cover crop rotation to ensure that critically important topsoil is protected. At the same time, staff is implementing a top-notch education program that is developing the next generation of Wake County land stewards. All of these conservation efforts would not be possible without community support.

These efforts are greatly enhanced by the Friends of the Wake Soil and Water Conservation District. Our all-volunteer non-profit provides resources to support and raise awareness of the District so that it has the capacity for another 50 years of amazing work. To mark all of the Wake Soil and Water Conservation District’s great accomplishments and celebrate its last 50 years, we invite you to make a year-end donation.

Please consider joining the Friends of the District’s board in contributing $50 for 50 years of service. You can make this end of year tax-deductible donation at or by sending a check to Friends of Wake SWCD, PO Box 46, Raleigh NC 27602.

Thank you again for helping protect Wake County’s natural resources!


The Friends of the Wake Soil and Water Conservation District Board of Directors

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