Wake Soil and Water Conservation District, along with many partners has written the Wake County Agricultural Economic Development Plan.  This is years in the making. You may know it in other counties as the county farm plan.

When a county approves this plan, it allows the SWCD to further help farmers by letting them take advantage of better cost share ratios from federal agencies, among other things.

Please consider doing the following:

The Board of Commissioners will be voting to approve the plan at their meeting on Monday, Aug 5, 2pm.  Please attend and show your support.  They meet at:
(the new) Wake County Justice Center
301 S. McDowell Street, Raleigh
Room 2700
August 5, 2013  2:00 p.m.

Call one of your Board of Commissioners and THANK them for supporting Wake County’s agriculture.   Their contact info is here:

#3Pass this along, today.  You can do that by way of our facebook post also.  https://www.facebook.com/friendsofwakeswcd

Thank you.

Check out the Ag Econ plan here:
Wake County Agriculture Economic Development Plan Final Draft May 2013