Today, at the County Planning Board meeting, the board unanimously supported the Wake County Agricultural Economic Development Plan and will recommend to the County Commissioners to put it on their agenda for consideration.

ag econ plan cover

Our wonderful district director, Dale Threatt-Taylor, gave a presentation of the plan, explaining how its approval by the Commissioners will give farmers, landowners, and other conservation groups more access to state and federal funds.

Joining Dale at the presentation were representatives of NC State Grange, Ag Carolina Farm Credit, Wake Agribusiness Council, RW Moore Equipment Company, District Supervisors, District Advisory Board, and of course the Friends of Wake SWCD.

In addition to the County Planning Board, Secretary Troxler of the NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has previously written the Wake County Commissioners in support of the plan.

Next stop: getting the Agricultural Economic Development Plan onto the County Commissioners agenda.  Keep on the lookout for how you can help make that happen.

Wake County Agriculture Economic Development Plan Final Draft May 2013