Surviving the Rain:

Farmers and landowners with damage to crops or farm fields should contact Wake Soil and Water Conservation District

Farmers and landowners in Wake County who have experienced damage to crops and farm fields from recent heavy rainfall are encouraged to contact the Wake Soil and Water Conservation District. Many landowners and farmers have already called with reports of severe erosion, topsoil loss, and crop loss. The District Supervisors will address these concerns at their next two board meetings in July and August. The Board will prioritize the upcoming workload demands to meet the needs of immediate natural resource concerns on the farms accordingly.

It is important for district staff to evaluate damage to crop fields, grassed waterways, field borders, ponds and other impacted areas. State or federal cost share assistance may be available to offset some of the repair cost. Farmers and landowners should contact the district before making any repairs.

Contact Wake Soil and Water Conservation District at 919-250-1050, or stop by the office in the Wake County Agriculture Services Building at 4001 Carya Drive, Suite D, in Raleigh, NC. More info is available at

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